About Us

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Carrie is a proud U.S. Army Veteran. She has education and expertise in business administrations. She has a successful career at The University of Maine’s School of Marine Sciences. She’s an athlete at heart, loves sports and history and is our children’s biggest fan. Her favorite place is her beach chair at our summer home.

Kevin is an engineer by trade. He has training in Law Enforcement and is a handy-man by design. His life focuses around our children and his second childhood with our son. Raised on a beach or in a garage, his passion is high performance boats and motorsports. His favorite place is the other chair.

We are an example of a team family. From sports and racing to parenting, we both have our own equal parts in everything we do. Our business is no exception.

It’s special that you wanted to know more about us, and again, Thank You for doing so!

Welcome to our life and our passion!

Our very best to you-

~Carrie-Kevin & Family~

How we support our family