My Office Chair is a Toilet Seat

Are you employed? 


If you’re one of the fortunate ones and have a business with your name on it, congratulations. That is truly the dream of many. When I was a successful “9-5 working business” owner, I was well aware of the process and became quite familiar with the “sometimes I work twice as hard for half as much” saying. Even with that, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Until my new way.

You’re employed? That can be a fortunate position as well in today’s day and age. I truly hope that you’re happy and comfortable. Finding that is always a challenge.

I’m sitting on a closed toilet seat blogging. My four year old is in the tub playing Navy. I’m listening to this unbelievable cover of The Scorpions’ song-Wind of Change. I discovered a video of a street performer doing his version and I’m in love. Maybe reliving 1991 a bit. Definitely wishing I’d done a few things different.

What’s amazing to me is, and the 1991 me would never have believed this, I’m making money. Right now. On this toilet seat.

My life has consisted of so many turns that it most likely resembles a 15 acre corn maze. Lots of good. Lots of bad. Lots of wrong. Lots of right.


My toilet seat office chair falls under right. So right.

I’m with my son. All day.

I’ve never missed a moment with him or my daughter since she entered my life 7 years ago.

I volunteer as a coach for his T-ball team. He and I are building a boat together and I love this second childhood of mine. I’ll be lonely when he enters school!

I answer to no one, until she gets home. This is the way I want it. I work early or late. I work hard or easy. I work for me and my family.

We enjoy a life of two homes, vehicles and hobbies. All from this toilet seat.

If you’re self-employed, I’m happy for you! If you’re employed, I’m happy for you as well! Here’s a secret for you employed readers- You’re in a Pyramid Scheme. You work for your up line. Period. They make more than you do, off of you.

If that’s you and how you want it then more power to you my friend. The world does need those people, lots of them. Personally, I’ve decided to put my family before the world and it was the right turn. For sure.

Unlike some, I’ll help you. Anyway I can. Join me. Join Carrie & I. Starting your own and need guidance? I’m free. I’d love to help or share with you. I have the time, as long as my son isn’t in the tub.

Reach out below! I’d love to hear from you!

My very best to you-



Author: Kevin and all that’s me.

Kevin is an engineer by trade, spouse by love and father by heart. He has a passion for power boat racing and construction. He was raised between a beach and a garage and is enjoying his second childhood with our son. He lives with Muscular Dystrophy and is a successful entrepreneur and stay at home Dad. Between our children and business’, his life is busy. Carrie is a proud Army Veteran with an education in Business. She manages a successful at home business as well as administration at our local University. She’s an athlete by genetics and our children’s biggest fan. Sports and History are her love. She has had an adventurous career and is transitioning into her own business full-time. We’re both fortunate to live complete happy lives. We’re take on the world as a team. We work well together! Our very best- ~Kevin & Carrie

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